About Me

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About Me

My Life

I delight in using natural light for my Portrait Photography and I LOVE capturing LIFE as it happens. WHAT does all that mean you might say?  It means, I am passionate about capturing YOU in your environment as you are, even if we are “on location”.   I want to capture YOU in your most natural state of happiness, contentment, in action, playing, or response.  Be it a WEDDING day, and a moment between a bride and groom.  A SENIOR preparing to graduate. I want to collect as many images of YOUR charm as I can, to help remember this crossroad.  LIFE is FULL of crossroads and I want to be a part of your’s.

My Love

I am a Wife to my handsome husband Dave, and I am a Mama to my beautiful girls Lauren and Ella. We are a team and I am so thankful to JESUS for gifting me these three people to share life with.  You can find us laughing a ton, eating yummy food, traveling, and exercising together.  I LOVE Coffee, Working out, and Sitting for hours with my besties talking about life.  If I didn’t have Christ in my life I couldn’t experience any of these gifts.  He is my Everything!

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